Student Packages

Prepare for College With Us

Riverbend Education Solutions offers three comprehensive packages based on where you stand in the prep, selection, or application process and a variety of single service options for essay writing and financial costs. As you get ready to apply for colleges, we will work on managing the college search, applications, and supporting final decisions to both public and private universities. With this in mind, these three packages encapsulate each phase of the process throughout high school.

Freshman/Sophomore Package

Develop the mindset that “Life is often organized around experiences, not achievements.” We work with underclassmen to focus on social, academic, and extracurricular engagement in high school, not just what we need to do to get into college. Together, we will figure out what sparks your interests right now to create a trail map to determine aptitude, skills, and motivation. Over this time, we will determine your long and short-term goals for college preparation. This package starts freshman to fall of the sophomore year until June 30 prior to junior year. 

Junior Year Package

In this phase, we begin developing the actual college list for juniors and rising seniors. Riverbend Education Solutions will help identify your ideal school list through discussions, surveys, and other tools to create a ‘good match’ college list. This is a great time to prepare for standardized tests, plan college visits, and visualize your high and low-chance admission schools. Time may also be spent figuring out college costs, exploring scholarship options, and examining extracurricular interests such as athletics or the arts. We are here to help you get everything figured out so when you are ready to apply to schools, you have a strategic plan. Junior and senior comprehensive packages may be combined.

Senior Year Package

Services for the senior package start between June 1 to October 31 of senior year and end after graduation. The focus of the package is to organize personalized student deadlines for completing college applications, financial and scholarship assistance, and taking time to write successful college admissions essays. These sessions provide ample one-on-one time with students and families, as well as, access to various college search and application resources. Investing in the comprehensive package allows students and parents to ask questions at any time, and expect thoroughly researched answers.

Single Service Options

Transfer Package

RES offers a comprehensive transfer plan to guide traditional and non-traditional students through the transfer process, whether it is from a two-year to a four-year college or a four-year to a four-year college. Our approach helps students identify their long-term goals and understand expectations in their current situation in order to develop short-term steps to make the transfer process attainable. We will develop a list of schools, connect with transfer admissions reps, make sure all materials are prepared for submission, and identify what credits may transfer. 

The Essay Hourly Service

During the summer before, and into the fall semester of your senior year, we will organize and plan for application and scholarship essays. This package includes a 90 -minute introductory session to find the best story for your essay by brainstorming content and identifying essay structure. Then we will draft, proofread, and refine essays and personal statements. This package is offered from June 1 to December 31 of senior year.

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